Our Tinder Story

Yep… we’re one of the select few who didn’t use Tinder to just get a NCMO (Non-Committal Make Out) and we like our story so much we thought we’d tell you about here. Really, we just get tired of explaining to people over the age of 40 what tinder is and since we’ve had to tell our story well over 147 times, we figured we’ll just write it and direct people here.

So one day Janie and I downloaded an app called Tinder. 

Tinder: a dating app that helps you find single people in your area. If you’re attracted to them, and they’re attracted to you, both parties are notified. If one of you is attracted and the other isn’t, neither is notified. If both parties don’t’ find each other attractive, they both go on their ways, never knowing what the other thinks. Only first names, age, mutual interests and mutual friends are displayed.

Our Tinder photos:

Chris - 25 SaraJane - 18 "We talkin bout practice"

Chris – 25
SaraJane – 18
“We talkin bout practice”

When I first saw Janie and found out we were a match, I noticed her caption said “We talkin bout practice”. It’s a quote from Allen Iverson when he missed practice. Here’s the link if you missed the hype about a decade ago. So to get our conversation started, I finished her quote with “Not a game, not a game.” She liked that cause she knew that I at least was familiar with basketball which she and her family are obsessed with. Those first words earned me some major brownie points.

After a few more weeks of chatting and mutual friends doing some leg work for me, I creatively convinced Janie to give me her phone number. I asked her out to go get some ice cream and she actually blew me off.

Janie here, when he says I blew him off this is only partly true.  My parents were unhappy about me using tinder.  When I went to Provo to hang out with a boy I had met on tinder I was then grounded because I had disobeyed them and their wishes of no tinder use.  The weekend Chris asked me out I was grounded (yes, as a college aged student I was still grounded.)

After never hearing from her again, I received a text from a number at 8:16am about a month later. It was Janie but just to show how much I never thought I’d hear from her again, I didn’t even have her number saved in my phone. She asked me if I liked basketball…then it went on like this:

First TextBasketball is a major part of my family and I couldn’t take someone who knew nothing about the sport or who didn’t care to watch a game with me and talk sports.  Luckily, Chris isn’t a total nub when it comes to basketball but, I can beat him when we play one on one.

I thought she just meant like a party to watch the games but then I realized she meant tickets to the actual NCAA March Madness games at the Energy Solutions Arena so I hurried and changed my plans so I could go.

Little fun fact, Janie and I both were sort of dating other people at the time so we both approached the date more as just to have fun rather than potential partner interview.

Now the fun story is that Janie’s parents had actually told her to stop using Tinder. They didn’t trust it and didn’t like all the time she was spending on it and with boys she met through the app. So when I arrived to meet Janie, she told me to not let her parents know that we met on Tinder.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.53.18 AM

When I first met her dad, the first thing he asked me, “you’re not one of those tinder boys are you?” and so to go along with Janie, I said no. The first words I ever said to my father-in-law were a lie. Her brother actually knew that I was from tinder and heard me lie, so he didn’t like me much from the start but has since become one of my most true supporters.

Needless to say, it was the best first date I had ever been on. We were laughing, dancing and just having so much fun together. I loved how easily I could talk with her and just feel like myself right off the bat. Here’s a picture of our first date:


After that date, we met up again two days later to see the next round of March Madness games. Janie had actually gotten all the tickets from yet another tinder boy from Arizona t. He was apart of the Arizona basketball teams staff and they were playing both the 1st and 2nd round in Salt Lake. He hooked her up with 8 tickets for our first date and 6 tickets for our 2nd. So I met pretty much all of Janie’s family the first two times I hung out with her.

Well that 2nd date was just as good if not better than the first and that night I kissed Janie for the first time. Like I mentioned earlier, Janie and I were both kind of dating other people when we went out so she let her boy know pretty quickly and it wasn’t too difficult, but for me it was a bit rougher. I was actually talking almost everyday to a girl who lived in Texas who I had met about a month before that. I had a plane ticket to fly out and visit her and so I had the huge task of letting her know that I wouldn’t be flying out there any more. I made that phone call not even one week after my first date with Janie. We both knew early that we liked each other and this would be something.

From there, we were together as much as possible. She attended school at the University of Utah and I was in my last semester at BYU graduating in advertising. I actually had an internship lined up in Chicago for the summer and Janie I met on March 21 leaving only a few months for us to date if this thing was going to go anywhere.

Well after dating for 2 months-ish, I took off to Chicago for for the summer (+2 more months that came after). I found out later that Janie was not 100% whereas I was pretty set on marrying her. Luckily her mom planned a trip for her to come see me for her birthday and that really helped seal the deal.


Countless hours texting, calling, facetiming, and skyping for those five months.  The long distance really showed us how much we care for each other and how much we needed to be in each others lives. Also impromptu dance parties.

After being in Chicago for 5 months, I was given a job opportunity in Salt Lake and I took it. 2 weeks before I came back, I proposed to Janie at the place where I took her on our third date (the first date that I asked her out).

ProposalOur engagement story!


We were married on Jan. 17, 2014 in the LDS Salt Lake Temple and we are having a lot of fun.


64 thoughts on “Our Tinder Story

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  3. My boyfriend and I met on tinder three and a half months ago. From the first date, we both just knew. Some people might think we’re crazy for already talking about marriage (and have been from the beginning), but we know that we’re doing what God has planned for us. True love, man. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • Lydia – and Janie of course – the exact same thing happened to me and my boyfriend. Even though we haven’t taken arranging a date very seriously in the first place, from the very first date we knew that we want each other and just be together for as long as we can. We’re moving in together very soon :-)

  4. I consulted http://www.tinderfella.co.uk and took their advise, I am certain that there are many more tinder love stories out there that end up in marriage! Just people like to hide it! (like internet dating!) Society is so sexualised these days that often we feel people are clouded by a need to be instantly gratified and not seek long term happiness.

  5. Me and my boyfriend officially met on person threw tinder new years eve of this year moved in together 15 days later & ever since then we haven’t spent a day apart. Its beautiful to see that my love story wasn’t crazy. & to the person that says they’ll get a divorce, not all people have f’ed up relationships, some are magic.

  6. It’s Actually great to hear successful tinder love stories. My boyfriend and I is one of those as well. Working as a flight attendant makes serious dating very hard thing to do, yet I found my love through tinder and We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. I’m based in the Middle East and he’s based in Zurich, well it’s hard but when you love somebody you do everything to make it work! Godbless your relationship!!

  7. I came across your story doing some research on ‘Tinder’ for my communications class. It’s amazing at how you two were able to turn around an app used for hook-ups into a real life love story. I hope you don’t mind as use it as a short example for my oral presentation on ‘Tinder.’ It is WAY TOO CUTE not to share. The girls in my class will “awwww” at it and the guys hopefully will open their eyes a bit at what could really be if they got serious! Anyway, much blessings and happiness for you two!

  8. I have a first date tonight with a guy I met on Tinder. Figured I’d boost my optimism about the good things that can happen by googling ‘Tinder Success Stories.’ And there you were. I am sooo very happy for you two and no matter how many times, I’ve gotten love wrong, I never give up because the wrong one brings me closer to Mr. RIGHT! :) Wish me luck! (fingers crossed)

    Live Long and Prosper you two!

  9. Congratulations! So nice to hear your love story. All of my friends and I think your love story is just too cute. I also met a guy on Tinder, earlier in June while I was on Vacation. I had just added the app two two weeks prior to meeting him. We instantly clicked; it was magnetic. We were long distance throughout the summer. Then we both got busy with life and stopped talking a couple months later.
    I still think about him every now and then. I’m a firm believer it’s not how you meet but what you do with the relationship! Wishing you both the best and thanks for sharing your story! Great inspiration!

  10. I just loved your story!! I met my boyfriend on Tinder as well, and since the minute we met, we both knew we wanted something serious ;) He met my parents on our third date, now months after we are traveling to Europe to meet his parents. I´m kind of nervous as I´ll be the first formal girlfriend he takes home and all the way from America ;)
    So glad to find successful stories likes yours which shows that when there´s love, honesty and comittment it really doesn’t matter where you find your *right* one.
    And yes….Thank you TINDER for bringing me my Mr. RIGHT ;)


  11. I met my boyfriend on Tinder and things just work. I believe it is in part to the communication prior to meeting up, we spent a solid 3 days none stop messaging each other and we were crazy, excited about meeting up. Everything was so honest and just laid out on the table nothing was hidden. One day he just started calling me his girlfriend, never officially asked me out. So being the girl that I am I asked why there was no formal “Will you be my girlfriend?” and he said “from our first date I knew you were my girlfriend.” We are going on 7 strong months together and looking to move in together in the coming months.

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  14. I love your page with your wedding pictures and family activities! I met my boyfriend on tinder. He is the love of my life and when I saw your pictures I basically saw my boyfriend and I. Hope all is well.
    Ps: what camera do you use?!

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  22. Your story is absolutely inspiring! I tried Tinder for the first time a few months ago after breaking off a 6-year relationship months prior with someone that I couldn’t see myself marrying. After only a week of having the app I went on a date with my current boyfriend. From that date on I knew in my gut that he was “the one”. Conversation with him is so easy, he wants the same things out of life as I do, we are so similar and can finish each other’s sentences. Never have I smiled or laughed so much in my life. It has been the best 2 months of my life so far and we both can’t imagine being without each other. We just knew :)

  23. I was in a rough patch on the outs with a 5 year going relationship that wasn’t really going anywhere. I was only messing with this tinder app when I found nick. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I have moved to his town and I support him as my police officer and protector. We just bought a house and we are so incredibly happy. At 27 and 30 we have finally found the key to happiness. We are an absolute perfect match. The story is so much more than this short paragraph, but tinder gave me the rest of my life:)

  24. With just one swipe. Yes, the “swipe” that change my whole life.

    Hi, I’m also one of the tinder guys who spent their time looking for a girl to hook-up with on tinder. I admit it, I’m a real life ‘barney stinson’, I used to make a girls fall in love with me and when the time comes they want something serious, i just let them hanging. I hate, L*V#?(cant even type it), i hat commitment, it makes me sick. But one day i met a girl on tinder that change my perspective with L@V#(still cant type it tho). At first I thought she’ll just be like the other girls I hurt before, but as time goes by, being with her, little by little, I saw the changes in me. And even though it’s still just one month and ten days since the day I swipe her right. I know and I feel the she is the right girl that God gave to me.

  25. We all look for it in life, we see it in movies,on tv,read about it in novels,and hear about in songs on the radio. Every now and then you see it in person and we say to ourselves, I want a love like that. A love where just by looking at two people interact with each other you have no doubt they are completely in love. A love where you know no matter what they will make it and be by each others side through all the obstacles that life may throw their way. Almost immediately you can’t help but ask yourself,how did they meet? We have so many options today. With online dating sites, introduced through friends, speed dating at a local venue in your hometown, you may even meet at the grocery store or the church you attend. With busy schedules and our fast paced lives that we all tend to have these days it’s becoming harder and harder to find time to go out in hopes of finding that one Person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. But then there’s Tinder, an app for your smartphone that matches you with people within a 60 mile radius of your current location. If you see someone you like, you swipe right. If not you swipe left. If the person you like swipes right as well you are a match and you are free to communicate with each other. But is this possible, to find your soulmate over your phone just by liking their picture and the few words you type in your profile. It did for us and here’s our story.

    I was an over the road truck driver from North Carolina, on any given day I could be in any one of the lower 48 states. I happened to be in Chicago on my way to California on one particular day when two friends of mine called and asked if I was able to come by Springfield Missouri to see them at our home terminal. It was not my plan and out of route but I had the time so I decided to go. The next day while at dinner my friends, they were giving me a hard time about being single and asked if I had been on Tinder. I told them I had deleted the app because it was location based and I was all over the place and once the people I met on there saw I was over the road, it was either no thanks or I’ll come with you right now. That’s not what I was looking for. But in the interest of my friends I re downloaded the app to show them how it worked. The very first profile I saw was a beautiful woman in an ugly Christmas sweater. She was beautiful. Her profile was filled with pictures of her and her son. She was a hard working single mother from Lamar Mo. which just so happens to be at the limits of the apps 60 mile radius requirements. Her words showed she was real and herself. I looked over at my friends and said ” now she is real she’s not hiding who she is and look at her with her little boy, they look so happy. ” So I swiped right and instantaneously it popped up and said “you’re a match!” I told my friends this is how it works and now we can message each other. It all started with Hi. That’s all I typed a two letter greeting and put down the phone so I could finish having dinner with the friends I haven’t seen for so long.

    A few hours later my phone lit up with “new message from Cortney.” Her reply? “Hi.” That’s how it all began, we began to message each other over the app and later exchanged phone numbers so we could message each other directly and share pictures. We talked and talked, we never ran out of things to say. We went back and forth for 8 continuous hours, we had so much in common and the same views on everything. We just kept talking, longer than two people ever on earth have ever talked on the first day they had met. That night ended with a phone call where we heard each other’s voice for the first time. It was a short conversation just to say goodnight.

    The next morning I left Springfield on my way to California. The morning started with a good morning text from her as she was on her way to work as well. The whole next week was filled with conversations that went on until 2am every night. We went from text to talking on the phone to using FaceTime and Tango so we could see each other as we talked.

    We connected immediately, just by talking, that’s all we could do. I was in California she was in Missouri. After hours of talking we felt things most people wouldn’t believe possible and we decided to meet in person. We decided that I would come the next Friday to her and spend the weekend there and we would see where this would go and confirm the feelings we were having over the phone. The plan was in place. I would drive to Lamar park in the local Walmart and she would come and pick me up spend the weekend together and on my way back out on Monday. I arrived that Friday night and was greeted with an embrace from her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and we just held each other for what seemed like an eternity. She later told me that when she wrapped her arms around me she whispered to her self. “There you are”. And she also had her mom on standby so she wouldn’t end up on date line. Ha ha. She’s a smart woman. Something we still laugh about today.

    After a weekend of us just sitting on the couch and talking, no tv, no going out to eat, none of the stuff you typically do dating someone you just met. We just talked, the way we had when we weren’t face to face. She didn’t want me to leave and I didn’t want to go. All of our feelings were confirmed. We connected in a way you only hear about. The only way to explain it is Devine intervention. It was love at first sight or text for that matter. We decided I would stay a few more days and leave on the following Thursday.

    I never left.
    Thursday came and went then Friday then the weekend. I met her son, her parents and we made a decision that will make most people think that we are crazy, maybe we are crazy but life is short and I now can honestly say that when the person you are meant to be with crosses your path, in that very instant you know. You feel it in your heart, and your gut. You feel like this is the one, the one person in your life that was put on this earth for you. You have no doubt and know that you will move mountains just to be with them. We decided I would stay. I quit my job found a local driving job in Lamar and we moved in together. We hopped on a plane and flew to North Carolina, loaded up all of my things on a u haul truck and took the 1300 mile road trip back together while she sang the entire soundtrack to Frozen to me the whole way. If that’s not a test of true love I don’t know what is. Crazy right? Maybe but isn’t that what love is. Crazy. So much that when you find it, true love, you know it. Nothing else matters. You grab on to it and hold on tight. Never letting go.

    On May 30th this year I will have the honor of having this perfect woman as my wife. So I leave you with this.

    A love like that really does exist. It’s not just for the movies, or radio, or novels. It happens in real life. It did for us. And when you find that one person you will know in an instant. Don’t worry about how it happens or where it happens or how everyone around you may react to how fast or slow it progresses. Give it your all and let nothing or no one tell you that this is wrong. Show your significant other that they truly are significant. Life is short. To short to let love pass you by. So when your paths may cross stop and say “hi.”

  26. I met the love or my life on tinder. It was meant to be, literally came down to the flip of a coin. We used to lie about how we met but now we can kinda brag, we got lucky. Great story

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  29. I believe there are many love stories yet to have been heard from Tinder! Believe it or not, I met my husband on tinder. It was pure PURE luck, as he was from Australia and just visiting the states for a short while. We got married, had a son, and are a wonderful little family now. And no, we never admitted to anyone that we met on tinder. Forever our little secret!

  30. I met my boyfriend on tinder. By that time i was still into my ex who broke my heart for so many times. I couldnt move on and couldnt really see anyone around me. My friends asked me to make tinder but i honestly didnt want to. They convinced me that app is just for fun chats and nothing more. I swapped right to so many guys there just to talk with them. Since the first time i made it i promised myself not to meet any of the guys there. And when me and him (my bf) matched i knew that hes different. We chat and talked for almost 2 weeks and we met. All of my friends were shocked when i said i had a date with tinder guy they assumed that all tinder guys are player and they just wanna hook up. On the first until 3rd date we had i liked him but just a friend. I still loved my ex so much.he understood about it and he seemed really mature and cared me alot. He didnt wanna rush anything yet always be there for me. After 6th date we finally kissed and i started to fall in love with him deeper and deeper. He is so honest and way different than what other ppl assume about “tinder guys”. After almost 4months being together he plan to visit my hometown and we will go to his hometown too on this winter. We are from different country and met in another country. Its wonderful how great God’s plan. Across the ocean He brought him here. Thanks for your story. Its really inspiring. I hope both of us can get to the next level just like you both.
    Congratulation (:

  31. People are so rude and judgemental. I met my husband on tinder! We’re having a baby boy in July :) The first time I met him in person I met his parents. Love at first swipe! Haha

  32. Love this story. Found the girl of my dreams on tinder been together 6 month 😀 . Wish you two all the best from England 😍 xxx

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  34. This is such a pretty story.. and so now we know that fairy tales do exist (not exactly but yeah!!)..
    Fingers crossed for i have been dating a guy from tinder for so long and yes we pretty sure are in the same boat..!!
    Wish u loads of luck ahead.. :)

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  36. Hi! Well, your love story is really amazing! Also, I am happy to know that you’re both LDS. Me too! While I was searching some lds couples at google image, I was amazed at your picture during the wedding. I visited the page and found out how you started dating! This is really nice! Also, you’re both beautiful! (Precious Son and Daughter of God) :)

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