SaraJane Elise Egan George

(Janie, Janis, SJ)

Salt Lake City, Utah
 yellow & red personality
I like otter pops & sour punch straws
Ball is Life
Chi Omega


He carries me every where
He watches OTH with me and i don’t even have to beg
He works harder than a horse and can get any job done
He teaches me something new everyday
He helps me learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ
He wants to take care of me the rest of his life
Love my Chrissy
Shout out to my mains, You know who you are.
Christopher Ryan George
Salt Lake City, Utah | Rigby, Idaho
Small town boy with big city dreams
Art Director | Struck
Yellow & Red Personality
lemon heads and shockers
Christmas Vacation
French Speaker and Kisser


Fell in love in with her in 5 days
She can beat me in Basketball
I occasionally wear the pants
She will be a kick A mother
I stole her from an LDS mission so we could go on one together
She’s my best friend
Love ya Bugga
Peace n Blessings

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